Hard light is amazing, if you allow it to be.

Hard light is amazing, if you allow it to be.

One of the most significant aspects of my work has been my use of hard or harsh light in studio portraits – a choice that often raises eyebrows but has become a signature of sorts to my style.

I could go on endlessly about the technical nuances of lighting or delve into a poetic discourse on the art of portraiture, but let's stay focused...

Where I am today is a place of confidence and appreciation for the power of hard light. Sure, I could dwell on the criticisms and skepticism I've faced – but that wouldn't do justice to the incredible creative freedom this technique has afforded me.

Hard light is often seen as a bad or bold move (depending who you are), something to be avoided in the quest for the perfect portrait. But I ask, why conform to norms that limit artistic expression? What else should art be, if not an exploration of new perspectives and bold choices? Complaining about traditional constraints achieves nothing, while embracing unconventional methods opens up a world of possibilities.

Yes, I've made mistakes along the way. Yes, there are days when the results don't meet my expectations. But each experiment, each misstep, has been a step towards working towards my vision. The stark shadows and dramatic contrasts of hard light have become my allies in some wayd, allowing me to craft images that are striking, intense, and full of character in my view.

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