Negative space ain't so negative!

Negative space ain't so negative!

When most people think of portrait photography, it seems like most folks picture vertical shots that match the subject's form. But a lot of times in my work, I’ve fallen in love with shooting horizontally, even when my subjects are mostly vertical. This approach, while sometimes seen as unconventional, lets me showcase negative space in a way that adds depth and context to my photos.  Not to mention, it helps showcase the environment more – unless there isn't one.   But read on....

I love using negative space in my horizontal shots, plain and simple. It’s not just empty background; to me it highlights the subject and sets a mood. Without trying to overstate it, for me, this approach turns a simple portrait into a story, offering viewers more to explore and interpret.  Unless it doesn't.  But do read on...

Shooting horizontal portraits isn’t always popular. Some people think it looks wrong because it breaks the traditional mold or rules or whatever it is. But that’s part of why I love it. Art is about pushing boundaries and challenging norms (even seemingly innocuous ones), and my horizontal compositions sometimes do that. 

For me, horizontal framing feels rather natural. It mimics our field of vision, making images look expansive and immersive. It’s a composition I’m passionate about, one that inspires and challenges me at times, but I adore it too much to stop.  

Again. while it might seem unconventional to some, for me, it’s a style that embodies what I see in my mind's eye. I know many appreciate a horizontally oriented, negative space heavy portrait – but damn if so many others don't.  The shit I get sometimes about it! 🤣

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