Sensual Studio Portraiture Masterclass, Netherlands

Sensual Studio Portraiture Masterclass, Netherlands

Join us for an exclusive and immersive studio portrait photography workshop led by the internationally acclaimed photographer and retoucher, Nino Batista from the United States, visiting Europe for the first time.

This masterclass will be held in the city of Amersfoort, Netherlands 🇳🇱 September 14, 2024.

Nino Batista is celebrated worldwide for his exceptional expertise in lighting, composition, and retouching, with a distinguished focus on sensual portraiture that encompasses commercial glamour, editorial, fashion, and fine art. His work is renowned for its sophistication, elegance, and artistic depth, making this workshop a unique opportunity for photographers to learn from one of the industry's finest.

After years working mostly in commercial glamour and being published in numerous international Playboy editions, FHM issues and countless other magazines, Nino shifted his focus in 2022 towards solely creating "sensual fine art portraits" in his siganture commercial style. He brings 15 years of experience, and 12 years in education, having hosted, spoken at, or co-instructed over 200 events since 2012 in the United States, Mexico, Aruba and Puerto Rico.

Inclusive, Guided Training in a Welcoming Environment

Throughout this intensive session, Nino will guide participants through the nuanced aspects of lighting and composition. Attendees will gain invaluable insights into the techniques that create and enhance mood and expression in the type of portraits that drive his work. From the subtle interplay of light and shadow to the precise art of composition, Nino's curriculum will illuminate the path to creativing eye-opening, evocative images, all with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere designed to foster learning and confidence.

Posing, Movement, Energy, Mood, Beauty, Strength

A significant portion of the workshop will be dedicated to the art of posing, or more specifically, working with your subject to bring out the best in their movements on camera. Nino will share his methods for directing subjects to achieve natural, striking moods that bring out their personality and allure. This hands-on segment is designed to empower photographers with the skills to create powerful visual narratives through their subjects.

Detailed Retouching Training in Adobe Photoshop (and more)

In addition, but hardly secondary, Nino’s approach to retouching will be a pivotal component of the workshop. Participants will learn how to achieve polished, natural results that enhance the beauty and impact of their images without compromising authenticity. Nino's retouching techniques and philosophies are aimed at elevating the overall quality of portraiture, ensuring that the final works are as compelling as they are refined.

Don't Settle for Normal; Make Your Work Exceptional

Set against the charming backdrop of Amersfoort, this workshop promises to be an enriching experience offering a blend of technical instruction and artistic exploration and inspiration, providing photographers with the tools and vision needed to refine their craft and push the boundaries of their creative drive.

Join us for a day of fun learning and professional growth! Whether you are an emerging photographer or a seasoned professional, this masterclass with Nino Batista is an opportunity not to be missed.

**All scheduled times are subject to small changes, and all attendees will be emailed if any changes occur**

Location: Foort Studio in Amersfoort, Netherlands
Date: Sept 14, 2024
Times**: 12 noon to 8pm (12:00-20:00)
Registration fee: USD $999
Contact with questions:


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