Thoughts as we approach mid-2024...

Thoughts as we approach mid-2024...

With June coming soon, the midpoint of 2024 draws nearer and nearer (feels like January was last week in some ways), so I am reminded once again of everything I have experienced in the past 15 years of this exploration, this journey, into the visual arts via photography.  

I could go on and on here, or wax poetically about what art means to me and all the various forms of art I've attempted over the decades, but I digress...

Where I am today is at a point of reflection and appreciation.  I mean, this is a blog post on the wonder that is "The Internet", so perhaps I should go on a rant about all of the horrible things and terrible people I've encountered along the way – but again, I digress...

The bottom line is, I am truly appreciative. What else should I be? I could be so much less, I could be far more limited, and I could be totally useless. Complaining helps nothing, whereas gratitude helps everything.  Sure, I've made mistakes.  Sure, I have good days and bad days, like anyone. But no matter how dark things seem sometimes, I always know I have my art to embrace. To cultivate. To expand and learn with.  After all, learning is the key to growth.

Never claiming to have anyone's answers, and often not even my own, I will also say that nothing should stop you from pursuing the art you want to make. And believe me, there will be obstacles in your way, some of which will seem entirely impossible to overcome. And they will rear their ugly head many times.  But do not let this sway you.  Do not give in, do not give up. It is worth it.  

I've been all over the place over the years, but have found solace in my necessary hibernation of sorts, starting at the dawn of 2023. While the road (and the skies) do beckon, I know my place is where I am for right now.

Like any fat and happy caterpillar has to contend with, the time is here for me to cocoon into a transformative ensemble of physical growth, mental expansion, spiritual evolution, and mush (so to speak). When I finally emerge (likely as a moth more than a butterfly) I look forward to soaring the skies once again as a new person, a new human, but also with a new outlook. 

Make the art. Do the things. But take care of yourself, first and foremost.  

Oh, and go hug someone who loves you, today, if not right now. Those people are rare, and you must always cherish them and never, ever take them for granted. 

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