Waiting for the sun.

Waiting for the sun.

While the famed quote by Jim Morrison, "Waiting for the sun." echoed in my head, we all waited to see if indeed the sun would break through the blinds on a late afternoon in Houston.

Shooting at Briana's place, she mentioned the sun will come through the window quite nicely in the late afternoon – except the clouds dominated the sky that entire day. 

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After seeing a small break in the clouds come and go in under a minute, I realized if we did get a lucky break again, it would be brief. So, with Bri and Paige ready to jump into action if the cloud departed, we waited.

And waited.

Eventually, after thinking it was hopeless and halfway giving up, it happened. A gigantic hole in the clouds appeared and the sun did what it does, and the dappled light coming through the blinds was like a gobo setup from mother nature herself.

And off we went. 

Models: Briana Noir https://www.instagram.com/briana.noir and Paige

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