What is "boudoir style" anyway?

What is "boudoir style" anyway?

My approach to "boudoir style" isn't, I guess you could say, entirely traditional. I am inspired by minimalism: the subject, the styling, the light (often and usually a single strobe), and the connection.

Beauty for beauty's sake, without complexity (necessarily) or over processing the idea. Impulsive yet structured, envisioned yet chaotic, vulnerable yet powerful.

"Don't overthink", is my mantra (though I often do!) and try to see where things lead you while on set.

This is one aspect of what I will be teaching at my workshops around the world, starting on July 13 in Ft. Lauderdale, with my first-ever Commercial Approaches to Boudoir & Sensual Portraiture Workshop. Register soon, and I will see you there.

Model: Valentyna Pakhtusova https://www.instagram.com/vallsova

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