Why I offer private mentoring to artists.

Why I offer private mentoring to artists.

Since 2012, I have had a heavy focus on not only creating work that I am driven to make, but also on teaching the art of photography and retouching.  

Regarding the latter, a lot (a LOT) of my retouching training occurs online (via Zoom call, for example) in a one-on-one manner.  

The simple truth is, private is always better for learning.  And not just a little, but exponentially better.  I do love running group retouching classes, but students who opt for private training benefit far, far more.  I tailor their session to their experience, their style, their vision, their goals.  

Whether you're brand new to Photoshop, or are looking to venture into advanced methods and techniques, I got you covered.

A quickie on my credentials:   I've taught retouching for a little over a decade.  I've taught retouching at conferences, photo groups, and my workshops all over. I've used Photoshop professionally since 1992.  I used to be a Certified Adobe Trainer (though I don't bother re-upping the certification any longer, for years now). I have an extensive background in graphic design, too, not just retouching.  And I founded the NBP Retouch Tools in 2017.

Email me at nbp@ninobatista.com to discuss your private training plan, and to schedule.  

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