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Nino Batista

Collection: Freyja Rae de Vil, Swimming at Culebrita Island Natural Pools

Collection: Freyja Rae de Vil, Swimming at Culebrita Island Natural Pools

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The story of how Freyja and I adventured to get from Las Vegas to San Juan, Puerto Rico (commercial flight), then to Culebra (chartered flight), and then to Culebrita (chartered boat) only then venture for 45 minutes across this unhabited sub-island is one for the books.  Memories we can never forget, emblazoned in our minds, include a grueling walk over sharp and slippery rocks, sea urchins in shallow pools, relentless sun in a cloudless sky, and much more.  All on the mission to capture artwork in one of the most beautiful and remote locations in the entire world.  This scene-focused set nonetheless showcases Freyja's ability to create beauty and intrigue literally anywhere.  

This collection is comprised of 13 total images.  10 previews are shown.

Previews shown here have been heavily cropped and compressed.  Purchased images are delivered as sharp and clear, 1500 px (long side) JPG files, viewable on any device or computer.  All digital collections are sent as a downloadable .zip file to your email address.  Downloads are for personal use only.  Nino Batista retains all commercial copyrights to all digital collections available via

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