Art is not dead.

Art is not dead.

The old ways of making and selling art are basically dead. But listen: This is not necessarily a bad thing. The old "machine" of art creation and selling, across most art forms, was a thirsty and expensive thing to operate.

Invariably, business suits and investors helmed the machine, and were totally ok with the absurd expenses involved in how they operated. In the end, they got their millions, ipso facto, the machine worked...

...except it didn't for the artists.

For years, artists of all kinds (including and especially musicians and visual artists) were "happy" to get their 5% if they were lucky (assuming they got out of the red at all) while the machine justified this exploitation with, "Well that's just how it's always been."

But guys, the machine is dead. Not art.

Yes, even if it seems to be still be on its uppers.

So trust me when I say: You're free, not hindered. I know it's a lot scarier, feeling alone out there – but you are free. Accept it. Fight for your passions. Fight for what you want and for what you believe in. Make your art. Share your art. Be an introvert. Be an extrovert. Do it inspired. Do it scared. But do it. Make the damn art.

Revel in your freedom to create and share.

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