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Nino Batista

2022 Era FIRE SALE Tutorial Videos

2022 Era FIRE SALE Tutorial Videos

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2022 Era Retouching Tutorials by Nino Batista FIRE SALE!

What does this mean?  This insane offer gets you 37 videos (to download and keep) from Nino's 2022 era, which are still hugely relevant to anyone's workflow in Photoshop and Capture One. 

So these are outdated? Hardly!  Regardless of software updates from Adobe and Capture One, the methods shown in the videos are incredibly useful and powerful for your retouching workflow.

Why so low cost then? Well, one person's watched tutorials are another person's gold mine of info! If the new tutorials were cost prohibitive for you in 2022, well, they are now beyond affordable.

How much is included?  Considering the price, it's a bit mental how much you get:  37 videos, many of which are full length workflow tutorials from top to bottom.  How many hours of video? Not sure but something like 20 hours would be our guess.  Oh, and its 53GB of video files.

What's the fine print?  Only that these are sold, "As is" so we cannot do refunds/returns.

ImportantYou will receive various emails when you purchase this, including an email with your download link.  Please be sure to use an email address for your purchase account that you can check.

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