Color: A blast from...the past or future?

Color: A blast from...the past or future?

There was a time when I explored color in studio, and lots of it. Saturated use of gels, endless seamless paper backdrops in every wild hue I could find – everything.  In studio especially, I explored color (for better or worse) from 2009 to something like 2018.

Eventually I started to pull away from bright, color rich studio work. I didn't intentionally try for this, I just became, frankly, bored with it all after a decade of it.

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So after about 5 years of seldom working with strong color, I opted to try a project where color was the order of the day, and even went the glamour angle as well (I guess to sort of keep this throwback experiment going, in terms of the style I tended to shoot exclusively all those years ago).

To that end, here are some selections from the project in studio with Bri and Ash, and thanks tons to the shoot team for all their efforts.  Super fun!

Briana Noir

MUAH: Amore Monet
MUAH: Mariam Ahmed

Cut & color for Bri: Kiana Borth

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