Lighting outdoors for first time in years!

Lighting outdoors for first time in years!

It had been a while, I think something like 5 years or so, since I used OCF outdoors.  I used to utilize such light shaping practices a lot, but then started to gravitate towards natural light, preferring most of what 'light pocket exploration' yielded 9 times out of 10.  

And for a good while too.  

There is no reason to entertain any of the childish "natural vs strobe" petty arguments (mostly seen on social media) as light is light.  Mood is mood. Vibes are vibes.  What a photographic artist sees in their mind, and subsequently captures, is what matters when it comes to the final works.  

That said, I knew I wanted to explore the type of shaping and energy that strobes in the sun can (usually) garner, so off I went. 

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Model: Ashlyn Sharp
MUA: Amore Monet
Hairstylist: Mariam Ahmed
Assist: James Stender

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