Short term + long term plans? Where do I even begin...

Short term + long term plans? Where do I even begin...

I'm sure most people have their short term plans and their long terms plans, or goals really is more accurate to say, I imagine. And, I am no different. 

I'll cut to the chase:  My short term goal is to expand my artistic expression into new variants on my photography, and also delve into (or in some cases, back into) other art disciplines I've let sit dormant for way too long.  In summary:  short term is my visual art, long term is not my visual art.  Stay tuned on that.

Beyond my creativity outlets, I also have made some decisions about where I am going to be – literally.  As in, where I want to live now, next year, and in 5-10 years (or less).  

It's great to feel solid about a plan, even if I'm not totally clear (yet) how to go about doing it.  At the very least, I have a trajectory and I intend to execute anything I can to make it happen.

To say that there is a lot more to this, would be a gross understatement. I'll update things via this journal as they happen.  Gonna be one hell of a ride.

Meanwhile, going to get back to exploring this world, via my Studio Workshops Tour 2024-2025, as well as doing various photo projects around the world.  If you're not subscribed, but want to stay updated, well, then you should subscribe

Where am I going?  So far, see below: 

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