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Nino Batista

Arid Desolation #2 – Limited Signed Art Print 1 of 3

Arid Desolation #2 – Limited Signed Art Print 1 of 3

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A classic of Nino's, this environmental art portrait captured in the remote dunes around the California / Nevada border has been requested a few times as an art print offering.  Highly limited to just 3 signed, numbered prints. 

Dry lake beds and deserts in general location in the American southwest are fave locations for Nino.  These sprawling areas of "beautiful nothing" provide the backdrop for many works of his going back many years in New Mexico, Nevada and California. 

Each print is 20x30 inches, and is hand-signed and hand-numbered by Nino Batista.  For questions and direct inquiries about art sales, email

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