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Nino Batista

Suki: Oahu Dawn – Limited Signed Art Print 1 of 5

Suki: Oahu Dawn – Limited Signed Art Print 1 of 5

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In the pre-dawn hush in the tranquil jungles of Oahu, where the whispers of the ocean in the distance met the first light of day, Nino Batista and friend Tom Denison embarked on a last second project with model Suki Yuki.  

The location, though stunning, bore witness to the challenge of its own beauty—a treacherous terrain and random weather, both playing their part in this improvised symphony of creative chaos. 

As the sun slowly ascended, the ticking clock became a concern as Nino's travel plans couldn't be changed; time was short.

Against the odds, Nino Batista and Suki Yuki managed but a handful of key works, despite limitations imposed by location, weather, and time. It was a clandestine collaboration with the elements in the damp and beautiful flora of Oahu Hawaii.

Each print is 20x30 inches, and is hand-signed and hand-numbered by Nino Batista.  For questions and direct inquiries about art sales, email

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