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Nino Batista

Shelby at Marfa #1 – Limited Signed Art Print 1/1

Shelby at Marfa #1 – Limited Signed Art Print 1/1

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This print depicts this journey of determination and likeminded friends striving against all odds to make the vision come to life.  This particular shot has been the most praised, shared (on social media) and requested for print than any from the Marfa project.  

The legendary Prada art installation in Marfa, Texas by artists Elmgreen & Dragset has been a location Nino wanted to photograph for many years.  In 2019, with Ryan Pramik and model Shelby James, the journey to Marfa finally happened.  Already an overcast day, all was not as simple as it seemed as the sun was trying desperately to set, and fast, upon arrival at the installation.  Couple that with the rural west Texas weather blowing chilled 46F temperature winds, the project seemed to be over before it started.

After assessing the situation, and knowing the trip to get to Marfa had taken all day, Nino and Shelby (with Ryan's assistance) opted to brave the bitter cold and make the art they had set out to make.  Shelby emerged from the warmed vehicle for 2 minutes at a time, while Nino and Ryan sorted angles, exposures, and more, for a period of around an hour, all in the name of creating these works. 

Each print is 20x30 inches, and is hand-signed by Nino Batista.  For questions and direct inquiries about art sales, email

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